Sister Wives: The Lie that made it Around the World

Anti-polygamists with Sister Wives at UNLV
Not painting with a broad stroke, so don’t paint us

Celebrating nine years ago, September 15, 2003

Kody Brown has not suddenly morphed into a monster; he is the polygamous husband and father of lies and always has been.  Polygamy is a crime due to the inherent imbalance of power and control it gives a husband over his wife.  There is nothing equitable or virtuous about it. 

Over the years, TLC “Sister Wives” has deflected from the stories of polygamy survivors.  However, anti-polygamists and children from polygamy shared their experiences in  two episodes of “Sister Wives.” This was nearly a decade ago.

Without these courageous individuals publicly sharing their stories and then expressing themselves again outside of “Sister Wives,” we would never have their unique perspective.  

Christine’s Aunt Kristyn has shared the realities of polygamy on many occasions, and one of her latest interviews was on “Without A Crystal Ball.  ” 

Without A Crystal Ball: EXCLUSIVE: Christine Brown’s Aunt Kristyn Reveals How Christine Finding Her Voice Ended Her Marriage

Three additional panel members (with YouTube videos & a blog post): 

KoKo’s view after watching the UNLV Panel episode

Willy FINALLY speaks (UNLV)!!

Kody’s rant:  Painting Us Through Your Experience | Sister Wives

During the UNLV debate September 15, 2003, the Brown adults concurred that other polygamous families had abuse similar to monogamy, yet argued they were different and were painted with a broad-stroked brush.  The panel members kept explaining that it was not their intention; they only wanted their opinion.  Yet, Kody & Robyn kept painting away.

The Browns have defended how they lived with their famous plural marriage tagline “polygamy multiplies love,” not divides.  Except, they never disclosed that Meri Brown was not having an intimate relationship with Kody, that he was not attracted to Christine, or she was miserable in plural marriage since adding a fourth wife.  (In polygamy, taking an additional sister-wife and a husband falling in and out of love can occur at any time.  Often less favored wives feel uncomfortable, neglected, and trapped.)  The Brown adults never disclosed the sister-wives weren’t friends or never went on date nights together.  Blatantly, they left out convenient divisions in the family.

Now nearly a decade later, last Sunday’s recaps of Season 17: Episode 1 “Sister Wives” with Christine leaving the family show Kody Brown losing more control. 

Sister Wives – Kody Becomes A Fanciful Fearmonger | Season 17

Christine walking away physically unharmed does not negate the emotional suffering she experienced during polygamy.  It does not compensate for Kody’s undue influence over her in polygamy.  She is strong and has beautiful children despite polygamy, not because of it.  Her experiences now seem to echo some of the stories others have shared about polygamy.  

Newsy News: 

Both Koko and Willy featured on “Sister Wives” are from two different polygamous groups that have recently been in the media.

This week in Utah a lawsuit was filed against polygamous leaders in the Kingston group (in behalf of 10 victims); while simultaneously, a lax Utah State Charter Board gave them another free pass after taking in millions of tax-payer dollars to pay themselves and relatives. 

Yesterday, FBI agents entered a polygamous community bordering Utah and Arizona after a warrant was served.  Due to a public bystander in Flagstaff, Arizona, a polygamist leader was caught by law enforcement transporting young girls in a horse trailer with only snacks and a bucket to relieve themselves.  There are concerns about additional crimes against children from a community known for protecting modern slavery.  Fox 13 News FBI raids FLDS home after three girls found inside a trailer on the freeway

As a society, when we know more – we should expect more.

It is time the media STOPS merchandizing women for profit.

We ask the public for support by *boycotting* TLC polygamy shows.  


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