Investigative reporter Mike Watkiss, who was instrumental in reporting for decades on the FLDS group and leader Warren Jeffs, is coming out of retirement to report on new developments along the Arizona and Utah border. 

There is a new mandate from imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs for his members to commence celestial plural marriage once again.  Sex, Teens, and God: The Next Generation of Polygamy in Arizona

No real effort has been made by community or government leaders to clean up torrential storms (polygamy & systemic harm) erupting from the past and create a safe haven. As a result, many FLDS members have left the group and sought brighter paths elsewhere; others have stayed in the community creating a better life for themselves and family.  

As Mike Watkiss reports, “. . . there are those who fear the clouds of the past are gathering.”

Many who have escaped the polygamous community believe in those dark storming clouds – manufactured by male religious leaders and complicit community members – have never left. 

Yet, the “keep sweet” attitude celebrating Pioneer Day with parades and dancing to folk music, using computers and having a television, providing and receiving services to help FLDS followers in the community, AND continually creating the image of fluffy white clouds while never commemorating baby graves, under-aged rape, forced marriages, coercive polygamy through the undue influence of religious leaders, forced child labor, a financial tax-exempt empire built from the labor of members and government aide, ETC. will not change the trajectory of this and other communities unwilling to make “amends”. 

Or, do we dare say, “Repent?”   

Polygamous communities have not reconciled with their horrific past – there has been no action, apologies, or restitution.


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